Tazul Izan Tajuddin



The Mediation in Hybrid Cultures (2017 - work in progress); Transformation of Basic Music elements from Malay Traditional to Contemporary Art Music

Tracing Art Music Composition in Malaysia (2019, article) co-author Rayner Naili

Compositional techniques of Mediasi Ukiran - Tenunan VIII and Gamelbati, UiTM Composium 'Eclecticism and the Compositional Voice: Pathways for the New Millennium', paper presentation, 2013, Faculty of Music, UiTM

The Mediation of East and West (2009): UiTM International Music Conference, Shah Alam Malaysia

The Mediation of East and West (2007): Colloquium The 4th Seoul International Competition for Composers, South Korea

The Mediation of East and West (2004); a short article for Japan Society of New Music published in the 'New Composer' magazine Vol. 6 June 2005

A Study of Arabesque (1997 - 2001); DPhil Composition Commentary, University of Sussex

Other writing project: Approaching Malaysian Traditional Music from Compositional View and Methodologies


2002: Article in The Star Newspaper (Malaysia, 15 June 2002)

2003: Article in The Star Newspaper (Malaysia, 24 September 2003)

2004: Article in The Star Newspaper (Malaysia, 20 June 2004)

2007: Interview with CH Loh in the Off The Edge magazine (Malaysia/Singapore, Issue 26, February 2007)

2007: Composing Without Borders - The Mediation of East and West; Composium, 4th Seoul International Competition for Composers 21st Korean Composer's Society


Articles Written On My Works:

Towards a Performance of Tazul Izan Tajuddin’s Kabus Pantun (2018),Dr. Tham Horng Kent, Wacana Seni Journal of Arts Discourse, University of Science Malaysia, 2019/1/1 Vol. 1

Weaving Islamic Art With Malaysian Cultural: Arabesque IV for Solo Classical Guitar by Tazul Izan Tajuddin, Dr. Nathan William Fischer, Universiti Teknologi MARA (Malaysia),Musicult: Music, Sound and Culture Conference:MC’15, Istanbul Technical University, Turkish Music State Conservatory

Tenunan II by Tazul Tajuddin: A Case Study of Cultural Confluence in Malaysian Contemporary Music, Peck Jin Gan, Malaysian Music Journal, June 2014 vol.3 No.1, UPSI,


String Quartets and Piano Trios by Two Malaysian Composers, Associate Professor Dr Chong Yew Yoong, Faculty of Music, University Institute of MARA, published in International Journal of Academic Research and Reflection, Vol. 5, No. 2, 2017, ISSN 2309-0405


Gamelbati – Mediasi Ukiran III for Gamelan Ensemble and 23 Musicians, Nur Syafiqah Shuib, unpublished research project, University of Technology MARA (UiTM),Shah Alam, Malaysia


Selected Solo Piano Works by Malaysian and Indonesian Composers from 1976 to 2007: An Introduction by Siagian Blythe Siagian, DMA Thesis (2007),University of Oklahoma